Over the past 5 years, the Athletic Department team have featured heavily in the award ceremony at the annual NACAD conference.

Winning their first award in 2020 for Fitness Event of the Year, 2021 for the Covid innovation program, and 2022 saw our Athletic Department Manager Malcolm win International Athletic Director of the Year and 2023 joint winners of the Fitness Event of the Year.

NACAD for those unfamiliar is the world’s leading organisation of private Athletic Clubs. It serves as the sounding board for some of the world’s biggest Clubs, many of which we have reciprocal rights with.

NACAD philosophy reflects the belief that member clubs should join together for mutual benefit, to share ideas and information to improve each club, and as a result, enhance the total athletic club image worldwide.

Like clockwork, the team this year has been awarded Fitness Event of the Year for 2024 “Workout with the World event”.

The event saw Tattersalls team up with the Arbutus Club in Vancouver to take on a cross-the-world workout. The workout was created by the Tattersalls team and led internally by Malcolm (big praise for Jeanette and Jasmine for being the driving force behind the scenes) Daniela Tempesta and Megan Gallant from the Arbutus Club. Afterwards, Members were then treated to a Canadian-inspired breakfast featuring Tim Horton coffee, maple bacon and scrambled egg bagels.

The event was a massive success with many members requesting a repeat event (we think it’s the breakfast they want more than the exercise session). Multiple overseas Clubs requesting collaboration with our athletic team.

When you are in the AD next please congratulate the team on their award !!