So, which road did you take? For the intrepid & wise, its not always a choice. At Tattersalls when both paths can make all the difference, we like to think our members can have it all.

Dry July has for many years been a one choice fork in the road.  Wet or dry, we have a treat for members that not only satisfies but gives back to two long standing partners of the club.

Two Good & Plate it Forward are exceptional organisations giving back to Sydney and are deserving of our support.

Dry Road – Two Good. We invite you to join us and explore the a transformative realms of Dry July, guided by the enchanting flavours of a vegan Pumpkin Miso Pie and the refreshing allure of non-alcoholic beers. Savour the pleasures of sobriety with a delightful twist, celebrating a month-long journey filled with flavour, well-being, and community.

Wet Road – Plate it forward: The familiar domain of traditional fare with humankinds oldest elixr. Tread along this well-trodden route, with classic & reimagined pies and the array of alcoholic beverages that have long been a part of our collective experience.

Both paths offer their own allure, and as we navigate Dry July, we encourage you to contemplate the roads less travelled. Let the wisdom of Robert Frost’s poem inspire you to embrace the transformative journey—one that celebrates the pleasures of sobriety with a twist of flavour, well-being, and community found within our Club.