– By Ryunosuke Satoro

-By F&B’s Esmond Kwan

Partnership and collaboration are at the heart of the Club’s motto Honour & Friendship.

In our Members Bar, these values ring true, particularly when we are talking about oysters and maritime whiskies – because just like oysters, whiskies have provenance too and they collaborate at the highest level.

If you’re wondering why I am trying to convince you to enjoy oysters at the Club, it is because I have paired them up with two fresh flavours. Let’s start with the oysters; we only source Sydney Rock oysters from NSW. The first one is from Pambula, a region known for plump flesh with a tasty mineral flavour from oceanic trace elements. The other region is Merimbula, with their bold mineral zing on the palate, and rich and creamy finish that is an explosion of umami in your mouth, Pure heaven.

Now you can pair this with our featured wine – the 2013 Grand Vintage Arras because with springs changing seasons like leather & willow,  oysters and bubbles make a great combo. It creates a notably synergistic effect that greatly enhances the taste of the sparkling wine.

Alternatively, you can ask the team for a complimentary pipette of whisky to drop into your oysters. This experience offers a unique blend of coastal and fresh flavours, an overall briny note that goes amazingly well with the saltiness of oysters. The answer is to be found in the so-called umami taste, which along with sweet and salty, is one of the five basic flavours detectable to human taste buds. Plus the location and different phases of the whisky-making process influence the final flavour, embodying its environment’s essence. Both are exceptional pairings.

If you would like to enjoy this pairing, please contact the team at dine@tattersallsclub.org, or why not have the best of both worlds? Enjoy your oysters with both sparkling wine AND a dram of your favourite whisky.