One of the benefits of joining the whisky club is that you get to enjoy unique and one-of-a-kind whiskies from around the world. The Milk & Honey distillery has created the Apex series which is an exclusive opportunity for limited editions.

For our April whisky of the month, we are heating up the Milk & Honey Apex Dead Sea Aged Israeli Single Malt Whisky. As the name suggests, the whisky is matured at the lowest altitude – the Dead Sea, at 423 metres below sea level, and the temperature there reaches 50°C so this is extreme maturation. Tasting notes as follows:

Colour: The spirit carries no other production information, except that it is aged in a variety of cask types, as a result, a ruddy orange almost.

Nose: The accelerated rate of maturation has created evident aromas of vanilla and cigar box, and a touch of oak – it’s rich alright.

Palate: Notes of strong coffee and dark chocolate to start, and the second sip brings out some spices such as cinnamon and pepper.

Water: Definitely recommended, it freshes it up a notch by cooling down the spices.

Finish: A weird combination of cloves, salt and even a slight medicinal note, but ends with a lingering sweetness.

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