Review by Member Alex Carolan and his friend Billy

Billy and I first got to know each other while we were working as bartenders at a busy pub in North Sydney about 13 years ago.

We quickly became good mates on the back of shared passions in cooking, rugby, golf, and of course whisky, which was more often than not our ‘staffy’ of choice after a late shift.

While our handicaps may not have improved much since then (and sadly the cleats have been hung up!), our shared appreciation for whisky keeps growing. Late shifts closing the bar together have turned into nights spent cooking, watching footy, and discussing our annual golf weekend away, more often than not capped off by a drop of whisky.”

This is our combined review of the Limeburners Single Malt Whisky Port Cask:

Colour: Honey and gold, with a certain brightness, almost like a Chardonnay

Nose: Sweet, clean and very ozone-like. Perfumed botanicals

Palate: Warm and comforting, initially oaky before a warm fig or honey-like sweetness that fills to the back of the palate, But that being said, not overly sweet

Water: Intensifies everything, all flavours popped noticeably, including caramel and custard tart

Finish: Incredibly long, we were left with the flavour of the whisky humming across all our senses