What an incredible week it was in the Athletic Department! If you were fortunate enough to be here last week, you would have witnessed an abundance of smiles, high-fives, remarkable teamwork, and, most importantly, our members having the time of their lives.

The highlight of the event was the second instalment of the World’s Greatest Relay, a thrilling multisport extravaganza that had everyone buzzing.

Day one kicked off with the spinning leg. Twenty-one participants hopped on their bikes, each pedalling furiously to cover 500 meters in a record-breaking 45 minutes. Lunchtime brought even more excitement as three teams of three took on the challenge, ensuring that day one ended with a bang.

Day two had us plunging into the pool. With more teams starting at the crack of dawn, the water was bustling with activity as 24 participants powered through a 45-minute swim. The humidity was high, and sweat started to glisten, but each team emerged victorious. At lunchtime, an additional six participants dominated the water.

By this point, competitors were eagerly requesting score updates, making sure their impressive efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

Day three marked our first setback. Athletic Department Manager Malcolm had fallen victim to the “Trying Too Hard Syndrome” and graciously – handed over the reins to the team. Our trainers led a group of over 30 members to Hyde Park for a 300-meter interval run. It was a delightful morning, with members gracefully tackling the course, all returning with smiles and a readiness for day four.

Day four brought the triumphant return of the Ergs to the WGR. Held in the squash court, 27 participants tackled gruelling 300-meter intervals on the rowing machine for 45 minutes. Encouraged by a two-time Olympic Rower team, they generated enough energy to power the entire city. The squash court’s close quarters turned the challenge into a Bikram-style row, a strategic move to prepare everyone for day five.

Once again, the call for a score check reverberated through the room.

Day five the penultimate test, required quick substitutions and strategic planning as another trainer had to withdraw. All the equipment was set up on the pool deck, and each team operated in perfect harmony to ensure seamless transitions between disciplines. Each team consisted of a rider, rower, and swimmer, and, once again, they faced the time cap of 45 minutes. Everyone delivered an incredible performance, leaving the pool happy, exhausted, and immensely satisfied.

A massive congratulations to all the participants who embraced the challenges of the week with gusto.

In the final score check, the team consisting of Robin McGowan, Oscar Austin and Dave Smith emerged as the winners by a significant margin. However, every participant was considered a champion.

A special mention goes out to the Obern family, who not only endured the week but thrived, showcasing remarkable teamwork and unwavering support for each other.