In the AD over the past few weeks, we have been running our 6-week Fitness Challenge to bring our challengers up to pace to compete in this year’s World’s greatest relay event. This year we are not just inviting our teams to come in bright and early at 06:00, but also a more civilised time of 12:30. Our sign-up board is at the desk in the AD where you’ll need to create teams of 3 (note if you don’t have a team of 3 the AD can create and partner you up to make sure no one misses out).

You’ll work as a team throughout the week to deliver this multi-disciplined challenge. If you have no idea what we are talking about, let’s go over a rundown of what the week of 23 October is going to look like.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your starting time of either 06:00 or 12:30. You’ll be in your teams of three and remember this is a relay, so one person will start, do their allocated meterage then the next person step up to the mark, followed by the last person and you repeat this for 45 minutes. Trying to work as a team to go the distance and see how far you can travel in the 45 minutes. There will be bragging rights at the end of the week.

  • Monday: 500m each on the Spin bike
  • Tuesday: Swim 50m Each or Row 300m Each for 45 minutes
  • Wednesday: Run 300m on Hyde Park (or row)
  • Thursday: Swim 50m Each or Row 300m Each for 45 minutes
  • Friday: 15 minutes Spin, 15 minutes Run, 15 minutes Row

To make sure all Members can participate, we have made considerations for those with injuries or concerns about certain activities and we do have alternate exercise ideas for them.

Also, music suggestions are very welcome, we want the tunes pumping and an overall great experience to be had!

If this sounds like a challenge you’re up to taking on, join us! We will find you a team.