On Thursday, October 19, we proudly hosted a remarkable invitation-only event: “Women Who Innovate”. It was led by one of our members, Geena Dunne – Founder of Honey Badges/The Cova Project; together with Michelle Reeves – Founder of Mavion; Georgina Trickett – Founder of Play on Media and Libby Trickett – Founder of Play On Media.

These amazing ladies successfully gathered over a hundred women in one space to exchange ideas, gain knowledge, and motivate one another. The sessions covered an array of forward-thinking conversations, delving into the future through topics like quantum computing, synthetic biology, and cybernetics with big names including Catherine Ball and Sophia Moscovis—what an honour!

If you happened to be in the Club when this event was on, you might have noticed something different with the portraits on our walls. As an act of a “respectful rebellion”, AI versions of iconic Australian women replaced the men’s portraits for the day. AI photographs of Cathy Freeman, Penny Wong, Margot Robbie, Tame Punk, Mackenzie Arnold, Grace Brown, Catherine Martin, and Jessica Watson decorated our walls setting the tone for the space.

This event is very much aligned with our values and our mission to highlight the importance of our female members within the Club and celebrate their strength, so that one day, we won’t have to replace portraits to have a wall full of women.

You go, girl!