By F&B’s Ezzy Kwan

Chardonnay can be a symphony of the senses, a moment of pleasure or an eternity of contemplation on the lip,
Only the poet can know, so stop thinking, just surrender, keep shtum and take a sip.

Poetry has had a vigorous, less sporadic life in Tasmania’s hand,
Poets such as Henry Savery and David Burn have found constant refreshment from the light and the terrain of Van Diemen’s Land.

Another use of terrain in this Land is from the stunning coastline of the East Coast bay,
Carefully selected vineyards for their superior terroir make the Devil’s Corner Resolution Chardonnay.

This 2018 vintage is a bright and pristine fruit, the season drawing to a close,
Lifted aromas of peach and pear with defined elegant oak greet the nose.

The counter-arguing fruit flavours alluded to play as if contented children. Yes, a make-believe world,
Purity of floral aromatics, yet the gentle duty of the French oak. One wonders, happily, hair in a curl.

A racy cool climate acidity jigsaw the flavour components neatly together,
The wine’s texture is at one moment a concentrate, and then immediately freshly fallen rain in another.

The palate is therefore swift – and yet underneath moves a gentle tow of more complex and mesmerising stone fruit flavours,
Catch me if you can, or tie yourself to the mist, just do me this favour.

The overall acidity around which the pure but never mean stone fruit flavours and textures coil speaks,
With an understood Esperanto voice to the kitchen – as if to all, a chef with cheek.

Grilled fish of the day with tomato salsa made by chef’s own whisking hand,
A fillet cooked fiercely under a Waldorf char grill is nothing of bland.

Seafood matched perfectly with this glass, hinting at the depth and complexity to come.
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