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Orange is the new Black

Located in Orange, Peter and Julie Mortimer planted their ‘Chestnut Garth’ vineyard with the help of their 5 sons in 1995. For the last 25 years, Mortimer’s Wines have produced wines of outstanding quality, including the two varietals that Tattersalls will be showcasing for next week – the 2022 Chestnut Garth Chardonnay and [...]

Orange is the new Black2023-11-28T12:52:54+10:00

Rendezvous with Charles

The sound of the shears, the vibration of the steps, the whispering in the early morning, that’s the melody of champagne harvesting. The harvesting of non-other than the champagnes of Charles Camille Heidsieck – an American champagne pioneer. Charles founded his own champagne house in Reims in 1851 at the age of 29. A [...]

Rendezvous with Charles2023-11-23T12:33:15+10:00

The Great Tom Collins Hoax

Are you ready to enjoy one of the most famous cocktails with gin? So famous that the name comes from an anecdote that gained popularity in the United States during the 1870s. Two friends were jocularly talking, and one warns the other that a certain 'Tom Collins' is spreading slander about him. Before the [...]

The Great Tom Collins Hoax2023-11-16T12:42:26+10:00

From Burgundy to Yarra Valley

Though it was in the Burgundy region of France that Pinot Noir acquired its esteemed pedigree, the grapes are now grown all over the New World. However, Pinot Noir does better in cooler climates, as its trademark acidity, delicacy and finesse disappear in warmer climates and hot weather. The team has listed an on-premise-only [...]

From Burgundy to Yarra Valley2023-11-09T09:52:43+10:00

The Whiskiest of all Whiskies

There was a time when the scotch region of Campbeltown was the most prolific of all Scotland's whisky regions. Around a century ago, when whisky virtually coursed through the streets of the town, with a distillery on every corner, nigh on every simpering inhabitant involved in its creation, and boats queuing in the [...]

The Whiskiest of all Whiskies2023-10-31T21:16:42+10:00

As the seasons change, so do our flavours and weekly specials!

The Food and Beverage Team is dedicated to enhancing your dining experience and has a strong belief in the culinary arts. This is why we're constantly working on introducing fresh weekly specials by crafting distinctive dishes that celebrate the rich diversity of our menu. Whatever your preference we have something for everyone. Feel free [...]

As the seasons change, so do our flavours and weekly specials!2023-10-26T11:22:04+10:00

Indulge in the finest traditional Christmas Delights

Looking for a unique way to celebrate together time with your nearest & dearest this festive season? Tattersalls’ excellence in events will make it a time to remember for you and your team. The Club can cater to various categories of events that you might have in mind, from corporate lunch to dinner parties [...]

Indulge in the finest traditional Christmas Delights2023-11-16T09:20:36+10:00

Margaret River matches South Australia in the Power Stakes

There is no doubt that South Australia is the caricature of the big and bold Australian shiraz. It is home to our iconic and award-winning wine regions such as Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, and Coonawarra. But Western Australia has started to lead the way. Tattersalls' 2015 Streicker 'Bridgeland Block' Syrah from Margaret River has [...]

Margaret River matches South Australia in the Power Stakes2023-10-19T12:38:29+10:00

The perfect wind down experience

We believe in the art of relaxation and making every moment special. That's why we would like to remind our members about our daily "Chairman's Shout," one hour of complimentary drinks available every weekday from 17:00 to 18:00 in our Members’ Bar. Chairman’s shout includes: Tyrrells Moore’s Creek Chardonnay: Sip on the beautifully crafted [...]

The perfect wind down experience2023-10-19T11:27:18+10:00

Prosecco is King

Like many Italian-Australians in the King Valley, the Cavedon family were originally tobacco growers before moving into grape growing. Dino Cavedon took up grapes in 1977 planting in-demand varieties. Tattersalls latest addition is the 2022 Cavedon Single Vineyard Prosecco. It is made with unpressed juice so there is less bitterness from the skins [...]

Prosecco is King2023-10-09T15:53:35+10:00


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