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Stay Connected: Your annual automatic subscription renewal reminder

Thank you to those members who have already submitted payment for the membership year ahead. Early settlement assists our team greatly. Of course many are comfortable for us to take care of this for you. Our automatic subscription payment is scheduled for next week. We understand that not everyone wishes to be charged automatically, [...]

Stay Connected: Your annual automatic subscription renewal reminder2024-05-22T11:23:05+10:00

Sydney Dance Company presents ‘Resound’

Our Partner, Sydney Dance Company is here with a spectacular new dance performance called ‘Resound’. Tracing an arc of emotions that moves from a dark turbulent interrogation of recent times through to a burgeoning buoyant optimism, Resound is a program of three unique dance works that will engage your heart and soul. Click here to read more [...]

Sydney Dance Company presents ‘Resound’2022-11-02T15:27:29+10:00

Artisans in the Gardens 21st Anniversary Exhibition

From our Partners at the Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens. Artisans in the Gardens is an exciting and diverse range of artworks inspired by nature in all its forms. A celebration of the natural world, Artisans in the Gardens, now celebrating its 21st-anniversary event, brings together an extraordinary range of artwork. Hear from [...]

Artisans in the Gardens 21st Anniversary Exhibition2022-11-01T14:05:44+10:00


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