By F&B’s Ezzy Kwan

Fish is a very important part of a healthy diet. The selenium is queen of superfood, and in nutrients galore it comes: vitamin D, protein and omega 3.

Tattersalls fish of the day is what you have been craving as of late,
A change of daily fish, to grace your plate.

When you dive in the soft meat, imagine you are on a small island cast adrift, and you leisurely pace around the sand you see,
Shipwrecked coast is buffeted by the crashing waves of the Tasman sea.

Around a treacherous bend,
The mysterious sea relents and ends.

And a protected haven comes into view – you notice the chef on a boat, toying with a hook and bait.
And it’s here, where the sea meets the plate.

Grilled until the flesh becomes juicy, in its oily fabulation, the reflection of the salt seasoning shining brightly,
The chef then paints the sapphire sea ever so lightly.

By adding sweet tomatoes to create a salsa dance,
Let it be sour, and let it be sweet, you are still in a trance.

You persist to rest beneath the summer sun,
Watching the rippling blue water and having so much fun.

Our fish of the day ranges from swordfish, hapuku, yellowfin tuna (pictured) and dory,
An entire 180-gram fillet consumed in glory.

You continue to wonder what you aspire to drink, proteins from the fish come to your awareness, as senses fill up conventions of light,
The staff suggest a glass of something nice and bright.

What follows next is a concentrated yet elegant palate with that tell-tale Tasmanian acidity,
The Devil’s Corner Resolution Chardonnay adds spark and vitality.

Available in the Member’s Bar is this daily fish,
Contact the team at to enjoy this dish.