Pinot Gris actually has a long history dating back to the medieval era. At that time, it was a personal favourite of Emperor Charles IV. But the first great Pinot Gris wines appeared in the legendary country of France.

There are two main types of Pinot Gris wines. Within France, and especially Alsace, the wines are spicy and full-bodied. This is a result of the relatively cool climate and the volcanic soils. Within Italy, however, the Pinot Grigio wines are lighter-bodied and more acidic.

In the mid-2000s, Pinot Gris experienced a resurgence worldwide, thanks in large part to the excellent new Pinot Gris wines being produced in New world wine nations, especially here in Australia.

Our wine list features the Colmar Estate Pinot Gris from Orange, which is inspired from one of the classic wine regions of France– Alsace. The cool climate of this gorgeous, high altitude site in Orange provides perfect conditions for producing the finest quality grapes.

The estate is a 6-hectare vineyard nestled in the slopes of Mount Canobolas, an extinct volcano that we can thank for our unique soil, great for growing grapes. With more than 300mm of rainfall and almost 1000 meters above sea level, most of their blocks of vines sit on a north-facing slope, ideal for making the most of the sunshine in a cool climate. The vineyard has weathered volcanic soils of moderate fertility, which drain well.

The end result is a very minerally white wine with flavours of poached pear and freshness of fruit, perfect example of the Alsatian style and perfect to enjoy with our featured dish.

Hang on! you don’t need to travel all the way to the Alsace region to enjoy good wine, instead you can find it here at your own Club. And if you are planning on indulging in this with a meal, Our new French addition to the menu- Pâté de Campagne will pair with it perfectly!

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