By Events Coordinator Nora van der Roest

Once leaves start falling from trees, you’re storing away your summer clothes, and the wind starts to feel like ice, rosé wines tend to be left behind in favour of mulled wine or robust reds.

People associate rosé with hot summery days and bbq picnics in the park, however a spicy and structured rosé can be the perfect pairing with a flavorful winter dish.

Our Margan Rose & Bramble rosé tastes like juicy strawberries, subtle sweet blood oranges and pink grapefruits. The finish is dry and refreshing with a lot of texture. The spicy taste in the wine makes it an ideal rosé to drink in the cold winter months when red wine may be too heavy.

This wine is best enjoyed at a fresh room temperature, allowing the flavour and tannins to be released even more.

Ask our lovely F&B team to serve the Margan Rose & Bramble rosé in a big red wine glass to release even more aroma and be sure to pair it with the flavour-bursting Nourish Bowl.

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