What a journey!

Wednesday May 10 from 12:00 to 14:30. After last year’s ‘Most Loyal Members luncheon” triumph, we have decided to replicate the experience and make it an annual celebration, under the new banner Aurum et Argentum. This terminology comes from Latin referring to Gold (Aurum) and Silver (Argentum). This change in nomenclature signifies the value [...]

What a journey!2023-03-30T15:33:22+10:00

Tattersalls Club Business Owners Forum presents: Business of Sport and Corporate Travel

Thursday May 04 from 18:00 to 19:30 A love for sport goes beyond just the game itself. At its core, sport has always been a passion for humankind. Whether playing or watching, sport brings people together and has the power to open doors to new experiences and opportunities. Being a part of events [...]

Tattersalls Club Business Owners Forum presents: Business of Sport and Corporate Travel2023-03-30T15:32:23+10:00

From the Archives: 50 years and still going strong!

Peter McCormack and Russell Debney are two remarkable individuals who have been swimming together for over 50 years who continue to swim regularly preserving their good health and longevity. In the early 1970s, they were in their 20s and had a keen interest in swimming. In March 1973, Tattersalls newsletter published a story about [...]

From the Archives: 50 years and still going strong!2023-03-16T17:03:53+10:00

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

April is fast approaching, and we sense a new sub-club forming within our ranks. This sub-club will focus on Ice Baths, and we are inviting you to help name it. This is an excellent opportunity for you to flex your creative muscles and come up with a name that best represents the theme and [...]

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet2023-03-16T17:02:41+10:00

International Women’s Day: An interview with the Women of Tattersalls

With this special newsletter today, we want to acknowledge, honour and celebrate all the incredible ‘Women of Tattersalls’, We interviewed Michelle to showcase her remarkable journey. Michelle Deaker Q1. Please share your current occupation and industry. Managing Director and Founding Partner of venture capital firm OneVentures. Q2. Would you consider your current role your biggest [...]

International Women’s Day: An interview with the Women of Tattersalls2023-03-08T10:32:34+10:00

BOF Breakfast breakdown

Business Owners Forum breakfasts continue to grow and are finally back to the pre-covid level of participation now. This week we welcomed new members to the forum.  Then, Michael Bova, founder of Family Wealth Advisory presented to the group.  He kicked off a terrific discussion on the savings and investment habits that help people create [...]

BOF Breakfast breakdown2022-09-01T14:52:03+10:00

AD team shares their fitness secrets

By our AD Team Our professional fitness coaches at the AD have years of experience in helping our Members reach their fitness goals, so no one knows it better than them that sometimes motivation is harder to find than a needle in a haystack. That's why the whole AD team have compiled a [...]

AD team shares their fitness secrets2022-08-25T15:50:36+10:00

Swim in the Crystal blue waters at the Arabian gulf

The Club, Abu Dhabi is located on the beautiful crystal blue waters of the Arabian Gulf and is a much-loved leisure, beach and social club all rolled into one. It has been the perfect place for the elites in Abu Dhabi to meet for decades and has been awarded the Top 100 City [...]

Swim in the Crystal blue waters at the Arabian gulf2022-08-11T12:02:34+10:00

Say Namaste at home this Sunday!

With the city to surf making its comeback this year, the Athletic Department will be cancelling Yoga this Sunday 14 August as a one-off. The Athletic Department will be open as normal although we are advising all members that there will be large crowds gathered around the Club from 7:00 until 9:30. All roads [...]

Say Namaste at home this Sunday!2022-08-10T12:46:32+10:00

Business Forum & Upcoming Events Briefing

By Matt Braithwaite-Young 165 years ago Tattersalls Club was founded by some people in Sydney who needed a place to come together and discuss business.  The tradition continues. On the heels of the smash hit of the Business of Sport lunch presented by the Business Forum, the breakfast Business Forum team met on [...]

Business Forum & Upcoming Events Briefing2022-07-21T11:17:27+10:00


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