Getting ready for the World’s Greatest Relay

Monday 23 October – WGR XXIII The atmosphere in the Athletic Department in the last week of November 2022 was electric and anticipation high as over 45 members gathered to take on the World’s Greatest Relay. After the success of our New York and Firenze marathon relocation runs, five disciplines were introduced to expand [...]

Getting ready for the World’s Greatest Relay2023-08-10T17:26:09+10:00

The power of goal setting!

Earlier this year the team in the Athletic Department decided to make their goals public. The team encouraged our members to do the same, knowing the full potential of public accountability as a form of extrinsic motivation. Over the last few months we have seen some incredible and varying goals achieved. We wanted [...]

The power of goal setting!2023-06-20T11:00:16+10:00

Rise and Inspire: Push Up for a Better Cause and Health

Today is the first day of the Push up Challenge in support of PUSH FOR BETTER Foundation. So why this challenge? One in five Australians will experience mental ill-health this year and only 46% of people seek help. It's a complex challenge - for ourselves, our loved ones and, most of all, for the [...]

Rise and Inspire: Push Up for a Better Cause and Health2023-06-01T14:43:03+10:00

Bingo your way to health & wellness

March is the month to follow your bingo intuition and complete the wellness card outlined by the Athletic Department. This month we focus on all the things that make us feel good, keep us energized, gives us pep in our step and makes us live our dream. This Bingo card is meant to [...]

Bingo your way to health & wellness2023-02-22T13:57:35+10:00

All good things come in three’s 

IT’S COMING The Tattersalls annual marathon event has been reworked re-jigged, and now is ready to launch. We don’t want to give too much away at this stage- all you need to know is this year you’ll need the following; Swimmers & Googles Running shoes & shorts Spin bike shorts or cleats (not needed [...]

All good things come in three’s 2022-09-15T16:53:58+10:00

“We are what we repeatedly do”

"Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" Perhaps Aristotle’s most famous quote, it reflects really well the commitment and dedication that our Members show each day when they come to the Athletic Department. Because of this commitment, we at the AD want to provide all Members with the necessary tools for [...]

“We are what we repeatedly do”2022-06-09T15:57:25+10:00

Members slim down in weight loss Challenge

Over the past 10 weeks, our Members in the Athletic Department have stepped up their training and taken part in our Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge. With the emphasis being on creating new habits and changing body composition, we went with the scientific method of using the InBody Scanner which shows a very [...]

Members slim down in weight loss Challenge2022-05-04T17:52:03+10:00

Our 8-week challenge: harder, better, faster, stronger

Over the last weeks, the Athletic Department has put on an 8-Week Challenge to get our Members' fitness back, after coming into the New Year. All Members started the challenge with an Inbody Scan where we were able to gain an accurate base level of body composition. Each Member then received a program that [...]

Our 8-week challenge: harder, better, faster, stronger2022-04-21T08:00:04+10:00

8-week challenge final weigh-in postponed

Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, we have decided to postpone our final 8-week challenge weigh-in until the 2nd of May. There is good news though! You now get an extra two weeks to make even better progress. We understand that this extension will test your discipline with how many chocolate Easter [...]

8-week challenge final weigh-in postponed2022-04-07T14:04:43+10:00

Zoo2Zoo 2022, is it for you?

Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 October 2022 In 2006, 12 friends set out to cycle from Taronga Zoo to the Western Plains Zoo with the simple goal of raising enough money to secure Dubbo a spot on the Charity Edition of Monopoly. Arriving in Dubbo after 420km over three days of cycling, with [...]

Zoo2Zoo 2022, is it for you?2022-03-24T16:01:29+10:00


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