Taking on the World

Our February AD Member of the Month (MOTM) ran, waded, sprinted, jogged and traversed her way to winning this award with a gruelling but remarkable performance at the World Age Cross Country Championships earlier this month. Naomi Tancred represented Australia over two days in multiple races at the Championship. Day 1 saw her partnered [...]

Taking on the World2023-03-02T17:07:18+10:00

Meet Mr Unstoppable

From cross-country treks to outback bike rides there is nothing our January Member of the Month (MOTM) hasn't done. Jon Michel is absolutely unstoppable and can seemly take on any challenge, and come out the other side with a smile on his face. Jon's first trek last year took him from one side of [...]

Meet Mr Unstoppable2023-02-09T13:25:38+10:00

Brendan Maher aka ‘The Hustler’

Brendan Maher is popularly known as the Hustler around the Club. This legend has won our AD Member of the Month award not once but twice this year, in April as well as September. Looking back at his accomplishment in April, Brendan completed the Palm to Shelly 26km Swim – Australia’s longest, and one [...]

Brendan Maher aka ‘The Hustler’2022-12-08T13:10:02+10:00

Nigel Robinson- the Epitome of Enthusiasm

Congrats to our 2022's final Athletic Department Member of the Month Nigel Robinson. Nigel is the epitome of enthusiasm. Since his joining the club 13 months ago Nigel has been unstoppable in his participation and encouragement of his fellow Members. Recently Nigel won the Tattersalls Inter club squash tournament dethroning Squash legend George Deubler. [...]

Nigel Robinson- the Epitome of Enthusiasm2022-12-08T13:53:47+10:00

Congratulations Grace Aulakh

A wise man once said "all you need to do to be successful is keep showing up”, our May AD MOTM goes the extra mile every time to do this and much more. Grace Aulakh takes every day in her stride and owns it. Starting the week off strong Grace hasn’t missed a Monday [...]

Congratulations Grace Aulakh2022-12-12T09:01:48+10:00

Congratulations Mr Richard McGrath

Most of us have the dream of completing one marathon in our life. Some of us might even try two but there's no limit to what our November Athletic Department Member of the Month (AD MOTM) winner desires to achieve. This year itself Mr Richard McGrath has completed 12 marathons covering an impressive seven [...]

Congratulations Mr Richard McGrath2022-12-08T13:52:20+10:00

Congratulate our Coolangatta Gold’s gold-medallist

It's time to congratulate Mr Simon Storry for completing the Coolangatta Gold race and most importantly for winning our October Athletic Department Member of the month (MOMT) award. Coolangatta Gold is one of the most challenging endurance races in surf sports which was held this year from Saturday 15 October to Sunday 16 October [...]

Congratulate our Coolangatta Gold’s gold-medallist2022-11-03T17:10:23+10:00

Toughest of the tough

By Athletic Department Manager Malcolm Turnbull Our Members work hard in the Athletic Department aspiring to get nominated for our AD sportsperson of the month. It’s an honour most highly sought after, no one remembers world records or world championships- but everyone remembers if you were ever Tattersalls Athletic Department Member of the [...]

Toughest of the tough2022-10-06T16:45:44+10:00

August AD Member of the month

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more fleet-footed and agile athlete in the Athletic Department than our August Athletic Department Member of the month Reiji Sano. Reiji is one of the disciplined trainers in the Athletic Department, and with technique and focus at the forefront of every session, his drive and determination certainly [...]

August AD Member of the month2022-09-01T15:18:17+10:00

We still can’t get over your big win Justin

This month the coveted accolade goes to none other than long-distance legend and all-around great guy Justin Hanby. Justin recently took part in the Great Keppel Island Swim, but just getting to the event was itself an adventure taking two planes, busses, and ferries just to get to the start line. The swim is a [...]

We still can’t get over your big win Justin2022-08-05T08:52:21+10:00


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