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Celebrating a Decade of Diversity: Tattersalls Club’s Journey with Female Members

As we embark on the 10th anniversary of welcoming female members into our Club, it's a time for reflection, celebration, and a toast to progress. Join us as we journey back to 2013, a year that marked a pivotal moment in our Club's history. In early 2013, our Chairman, Mr. Colin Dunn, initiated a [...]

Celebrating a Decade of Diversity: Tattersalls Club’s Journey with Female Members2024-04-24T12:52:44+10:00

A Historic Journey Towards Inclusivity: Tattersalls Club Embracing Change

As we chart our course into the future, it's vital that we acknowledge our past, as it holds valuable lessons that propel us towards growth. We are thrilled to dive into the Third vote members had to go through to shape our journey to inclusivity and progress, in this case - the historic decision [...]

A Historic Journey Towards Inclusivity: Tattersalls Club Embracing Change2023-12-11T09:07:29+10:00

Sydney in 1858

Happy 164th birthday to us! By the mid-1850s, Sydney resembled a bustling English seaport. Sydney had adopted a tone of Victorian sobriety, and spending time in Sydney was in no sense roughing it. Sydney's residents had museums and zoos to visit, and on Sunday's horse-drawn omnibuses and ferries took them on trips to the [...]

Sydney in 18582022-05-12T19:39:44+10:00

From the Archive: Cartoonist George Molnar

As personality of the month May 1974, the author wrote “George Molnar was born on Anzac Day 1910.” Fourteen years after Seymour’s ‘The one day of the year’ the reverence towards the ANZAC story was still strong. George's story is one of the great immigration successes of our nation and starts with a healthy [...]

From the Archive: Cartoonist George Molnar2022-04-21T08:44:38+10:00

Lest We Forget

A number of Tattersalls Members and their families have served with distinction, some paying the ultimate sacrifice, particularly in the First and Second World Wars. Several Members served in both wars. Lt Col Blair Wark VC DSO MID is perhaps the most awarded. Blair won a VC for bravery in operations against the Hindenburg [...]

Lest We Forget2022-04-21T08:23:23+10:00

Borders reopen – time (to) travel!

By Des Mulcahy, General Manager From the archives - 89 years ago March 1933, the Club established reciprocity with one of the most iconic clubs in the US – the Los Angeles Athletic Club. At the time it was written in the Club’s magazine “Club Life is assuming an international aspect, and maybe [...]

Borders reopen – time (to) travel!2022-04-11T15:41:33+10:00

#CHOOSETOCHALLENGE – A historical account

To confront something, you have to confirm its existence. We can’t change history but we can make it. So whilst the lens of the current day can amplify in a positive and negative way, some things are just always right or wrong. At Tattersalls, we do not hide from our history as there are [...]

#CHOOSETOCHALLENGE – A historical account2022-04-12T11:09:36+10:00


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