Increase your Flexibility and Strength with Warrior Flow Classes

Every Wednesday from 12:30 at 13:15 Warrior Flow class is part of a classical yogic practice called Angamardana, which comes from a system of yoga which is almost completely lost today. Traditionally in classical yoga, Angamardana was always alive. It is a very impactful and dynamic exercise where you don’t need any equipment. You [...]

Increase your Flexibility and Strength with Warrior Flow Classes2024-03-21T15:50:45+10:00

Meditate your way to mindfulness

Wednesday April 19 at 18:00 Yoga instructor and meditation Guru Andrew Hampson will be guiding us through a meditation and yoga workshop designed to help us destress and return to normal. Now that the long weekend has passed and we return to our daily routines we need to empower ourselves with strategies to help [...]

Meditate your way to mindfulness2023-04-13T14:52:22+10:00

Meet our new AD team member

Cheers to Good times and even better people rolling in! With the Athletic Department being a key pillar in what makes the Tattersalls so great, we are always proud to boost about our constantly evolving and upskilling team, to ensure that members get the best experience every time they enter. Josefa joined our team [...]

Meet our new AD team member2022-07-21T13:02:38+10:00

The Bad Yogi shakes up Tattersalls

Andrew Hampson aka the 'Bad Yogi' came to yoga after years of Rugby Union and surfboat rowing. Suffering chronic back pain, he was told by doctors that he would take years to heal, but after a dozen yoga classes he was pain-free. Inspired by the shift in his physical wellness and mindfulness after [...]

The Bad Yogi shakes up Tattersalls2022-06-30T18:09:48+10:00

Find your zen at Tattersalls

Yoga is a mind and body practice and full fitness journey that not helps you relax but keep your body aligned. Yoga involves movement, meditation, and breathing techniques to promote mental and physical well-being. To summarise, yoga is a fantastic thing to do! Tattersalls' yoga practice is led by one of Sydney’s most sought after [...]

Find your zen at Tattersalls2022-05-04T17:54:22+10:00

Athletic online ramps up

We are continuing with some class favourites and have added numerous live classes for the coming week. This is available for you to access as our guest, and an opportunity to try something new! Zuzanna, Hilke and Malcolm will be on hand to keep you positive in the week ahead. All classes will run [...]

Athletic online ramps up2022-05-04T17:38:12+10:00


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