Inaugural Michelle Martin Cup launches

By Member Nigel Robinson The tradition continues... with the inaugural Michelle Martin Cup! Once again, the Tattersall Squashies ventured onto the hallowed court of Tattersalls Club, this time to execute their newly trained skills in the inaugural Michelle Martin Cup. The format was a three-match round-robin, first to 11 event, with dinner, beers, wine [...]

Inaugural Michelle Martin Cup launches2022-05-05T16:58:20+10:00

The inaugural Michelle Martin Cup

17:30 Wednesday 20 April Cometh the hour, cometh the coach! Once again, the Athletic Department extended an invitation to super coach Michelle Martin to return to the hallowed floorboards of the Tattersalls Club squash court. Over six successive Mondays, from 17:00 to 18:30 three groups of (ahem) “elite” squashies honed their finely tuned forehands, backhands, [...]

The inaugural Michelle Martin Cup2022-04-14T14:01:42+10:00

Put your squash skills to the test

Tuesday 26 April to Friday 27 May - Tattersalls Round Robin competition Tattersalls Round Robin is a handicapped internal competition for Members, and is a chance to bring your skills from coaching to the court! We will provide a draw and games can be arranged between opponents and booked in with the AD team. [...]

Put your squash skills to the test2022-03-24T16:02:33+10:00

Squash coaching with Michelle Martin is back!

Former world number one squash player Michelle Martin is joining us again for a coaching series, which in previous years has had rave reviews! This year we are improving by separating levels so that you can make the most of your time with Michelle no matter what your experience. Please note the following dates [...]

Squash coaching with Michelle Martin is back!2022-04-11T16:30:17+10:00

Elevate your squash skills this year

Have you always been curious about squash but have never tried it? Or are you an advanced fanatic who can't get enough of the dynamic game? Our squash calendar is filled with options for the year. Squash coaching series return with Michelle Martin- Mondays from 7th March to 11th April Michelle is joining us [...]

Elevate your squash skills this year2022-04-11T16:38:08+10:00

Squash coaching series return with Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin is an Australian former professional squash player who was one of the game's leading players in the 1990s. She was ranked number one in the world from 1993 to 1996 and again in 1998 and 1999, she won three World Open titles, six British Open titles and seven Australian Open titles, [...]

Squash coaching series return with Michelle Martin2022-04-12T11:26:16+10:00

Squash – From coaching to comp

Our squash coaching series with former world champ Michelle Martin is just over half way, with a full house each week of Members making the most of Michelle’s vast experience and expertise! Just some of the comments below: "Michelle has been amazing. She knows exactly what you need to work on and improve to [...]

Squash – From coaching to comp2022-04-12T11:13:06+10:00


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