2022’s ultimate workout of the month

The final month of the year is here and so is our ultimate workout of the year, they say you should finish the year how you’d like to start the next- so let's finish this year strong with the toughest workout of the month. You will simply need 4 minutes for this workout, [...]

2022’s ultimate workout of the month2022-12-07T13:36:13+10:00

Brendan Maher aka ‘The Hustler’

Brendan Maher is popularly known as the Hustler around the Club. This legend has won our AD Member of the Month award not once but twice this year, in April as well as September. Looking back at his accomplishment in April, Brendan completed the Palm to Shelly 26km Swim – Australia’s longest, and one [...]

Brendan Maher aka ‘The Hustler’2022-12-06T16:41:53+10:00

Nigel Robinson- the Epitome of Enthusiasm

Congrats to our 2022's final Athletic Department Member of the Month Nigel Robinson. Nigel is the epitome of enthusiasm. Since his joining the club 13 months ago Nigel has been unstoppable in his participation and encouragement of his fellow Members. Recently Nigel won the Tattersalls Inter club squash tournament dethroning Squash legend George Duebler. [...]

Nigel Robinson- the Epitome of Enthusiasm2022-12-06T16:01:35+10:00

Congratulations Grace Auklah

A wise man once said "all you need to do to be successful is keep showing up”, our May AD MOTM goes the extra mile every time to do this and much more. Grace Auklah takes every day in her stride and owns it. Starting the week off strong Grace hasn’t missed a Monday [...]

Congratulations Grace Auklah2022-12-06T15:48:57+10:00

Congratulations Mr Richard McGrath

Most of us have the dream of completing one marathon in our life. Some of us might even try two but there's no limit to what our November Athletic Department Member of the Month (AD MOTM) winner desires to achieve. This year itself Mr Richard McGrath has completed 12 marathons covering an impressive seven [...]

Congratulations Mr Richard McGrath2022-12-01T11:43:44+10:00

Here’s why you should train with Coach Ewen

Yesterday in the Club we welcomed Member Baden Green, Andrew Kerr (brother of Member Peter Kerr), Michael Renford (son of the channel swim legend Des Renford), and many more to celebrate their incredible annual English Channel achievements: 1991 - First all-Australian relay team. 1993 - First relay team to complete a 4-way crossing. 2001 [...]

Here’s why you should train with Coach Ewen2022-11-24T17:45:30+10:00

Get to know Kerie

Tattersalls has a tight-knit community of reciprocal Clubs across the globe. It's one of our most prominent attributes that benefit our Members greatly as they gain access to like-minded clubs worldwide. But it has been recently showcased how these established relationships between the Clubs can significantly benefit our staff and the team, with our newest [...]

Get to know Kerie2022-11-16T13:58:48+10:00

Honor et Amicitia

Honor et Amicitia or Honor and Friendship not only represents Tattersalls' core values but is now also the mission behind our World's Greatest Relay event. At our Athletic Department, we have built onto the tradition of ending the year by hosting Tattersalls' biggest fitness event which includes relays, marathons etc. With this greatly benefiting [...]

Honor et Amicitia2022-11-10T09:39:20+10:00

Celebrating our Member Mr Justin Hanby

Today we are celebrating our Member Mr Justin Hanby who has been with Tattersalls for over seven years now and is a committed attendee of our Athletic Department. While talking about his experience at the Club, Justin mentioned "Sometimes I show up feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, but when I [...]

Celebrating our Member Mr Justin Hanby2022-11-10T14:36:28+10:00

End-of-the-year Athletic Department events

With the last eight weeks before Christmas, we want you to save the key dates for the end-of-the-year Athletic Department events. 16 November to 16 December- The Hanrahan Glover cup: This award is presented at the Tattersalls Christmas party to recognize and award the most active group fitness class Member of the year, that [...]

End-of-the-year Athletic Department events2022-11-03T16:15:43+10:00


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