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February Workout of the Month: Oxford x Cambridge

The rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge has a long history, dating back to around 1209, when Cambridge was founded by scholars taking refuge from hostile Oxford townsmen. The most well known rivalry is the famed boat race, a 6 km paddle to town on the river Thames. The very first Boat Race was won [...]

February Workout of the Month: Oxford x Cambridge2024-02-29T15:58:25+10:00

February Workout of the Month – 4 Minutes of Madness

4 Minutes of Madness is the name, Ski Erg and Push-ups are the game. This month we are going hard; January is over and February is all about getting it done! The workout is simple: Ski Erg for 1 minute for distance, then rest for 1 minute. Repeat this 3 times, then after the [...]

February Workout of the Month – 4 Minutes of Madness2024-02-01T11:29:12+10:00

March into our March WOTM

Are you fit enough to serve in the Australian Army? We all know that exercise is a key component in the Armed Services of Australia, but have you ever wondered if you would be able to complete the tests required to gain entry into the Army? Our March Workout of the Month (WOM) [...]

March into our March WOTM2023-03-02T10:13:50+10:00

More weight. More intensity. More reps (Anonymous)

“More weight. More intensity. More reps" (-Anonymous). Do more is our 2023 fitness mantra. Following that, let's settle a debate for the ages this month. R.E.M VS Rihanna as well as Ski Erg Vs Traditional Erg which of the two will you pick? For February's workout of the month (WOM), we are pitting two [...]

More weight. More intensity. More reps (Anonymous)2023-02-02T16:26:16+10:00

Let’s kickstart this year

You VS a Schooner of Beer VS a Treadmill This Workout of the Month (WOM) sounds might sound like a fun adventure, but don’t let the title fool you. Our January WOM is a test of stamina and a little education session leading into our weight loss challenge, stay tuned for more information about [...]

Let’s kickstart this year2022-12-15T09:29:30+10:00

2022’s ultimate workout of the month

The final month of the year is here and so is our ultimate workout of the year, they say you should finish the year how you’d like to start the next- so let's finish this year strong with the toughest workout of the month. You will simply need 4 minutes for this workout, [...]

2022’s ultimate workout of the month2022-12-07T13:36:13+10:00

November workout of the month

Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits. With this motivation in mind, we bring you the November Workout of the Month (WOM). More than a workout, it's an explosive endorphin-rushing energy-inducing pyramid program. Designed by Athletic Department Trainer Jasmine, this workout is simple in nature but trust us, it's going to push your limits. [...]

November workout of the month2022-10-27T13:17:36+10:00

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you

By AD Manager Malcolm Turnbull “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” - Fred DeVito. The Athletic Department team is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals and break the limits that you have set. Thus we are introducing ‘the Challenge yourself workout’ for every month, starting from the month [...]

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you2022-09-23T16:45:16+10:00

March WOM – simple, effective, incredibly tough

Only three things are needed for this Workout of the Month: 1. The Assault bike 2. Your chest and arms for push-ups, and finally 3. Sheer will and determination This month’s WOM is a timed one, and is designed to work you to the brink! Ten minutes of all-out work is what we need [...]

March WOM – simple, effective, incredibly tough2022-04-11T15:50:43+10:00

February Workout Of the Month – Alcohol vs Calories, is it worth it?

If like us you are partial to a drink on a Friday afternoon, then you might want to pay attention to this month’s WOM. Based purely on calories out, this workout will help you decide if that drink is worth it - or if maybe Feb Fast is the right way for you to [...]

February Workout Of the Month – Alcohol vs Calories, is it worth it?2022-04-11T16:34:44+10:00


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